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My Defining Moment

"Even God's smallest plan for us is bigger than any dream we could ever hope for," my father once said.

Over the years I have often wondered how people could believe that God's plan for us, as people, is greater than anything we could ever imagine if God doesn't send a miracle when we needed it most.

People talk about a defining moment in life. I've come to realize that there is no one defining moment, but instead a series of events and circumstances that define who we are. They change us little by little, leading us to something bigger or unexpected, and that is when we experience a grand moment of realization that drives us closer to our destiny.

I now know that each of us is destined for something, a purpose that often seems muddy, or vague at best. We want nothing more than to know what our purpose is, to know that we haven't just been plopped down to fumble our way through to the end, but that there's a reason for our being here. We may not discover that purpose in the way that we'd want, as time in the valley will be longer and darker than we imagined, but if we are patient or still long enough, we will catch it in fleeting glimpses. We will see tiny sparks of revelation that push us closer and closer to our destiny. There will be pain, sometimes more than we bargained for, but in the end there will be joy.

National Freedom Day

National Freedom Day celebrates freedom from slavery, and recognizes that America is a symbol of freedom.

National Freedom Day was established in 1948 to remind us that America stands for, and is a symbol of freedom for all people. The roots of this special day come directly from the end of slavery and the signing of the 13th amendment outlawing slavery.

Celebrate this day by reflecting upon your own freedoms that you enjoy by being fortunate enough to be in America. Millions of people in the world are not free.

Major Richard Robert Wright Sr., a former slave, created National Freedom Day. He believed that there should be a day when freedom for all Americans is celebrated. President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery on February 1, 1865. So, February 1st was chosen to celebrate National Freedom Day.

On June 30, 1948, President Harry Truman signed a the bill proclaiming February 1st as National Freedom Day.

What Happened the Year You Were Born

In 1967 (the year you were born)

Lyndon B. Johnson is president of the US

President Johnson and Soviet premiere Aleksei Kosygin agree not to let any crisis push them into wore

Thurgood Marshall is sworn in as the first black Supreme Court justice

The first home microwave is released by Amana

Dave Matthews, Kurt Cobain, Liz Phair, Vin Diesel, Julia Roberts, and Anna Nicole Smith are born

St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series

Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I

Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup

Disney's The Jungle Book and The Graduate are the top grossing films

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is published

Paul McCartney announces that all four members of the Beatles have "dropped acid"

For the first time, Jimi Hendrix sets his guitar on fire during a concert in London

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is released

The first issue of Rolling Stone magazine is published

The FCC orders that cigarette ads on television, radio and in print must include a warning about the health risks of smoking

Get Organized Now in February

Feb 1 Valentine's Day is approaching. Purchase, order or make gifts for your loved ones so you're ready for giving them on February 14th.

Feb 2 Celebrate GroundHog Day by doing your favorite outdoor activity that's in line with the current season.

Feb 3 Empty one of your dresser drawers, weeding out anything that no longer fits or you no longer enjoy. Organize the rest back into the drawer.

Feb 4 Gather all loose coins and store them in a jar. When it's full, bring it to the bank and cash it in for dollars.
Feb 5 Rid the inside of a cabinet or armoire of all clutter.

Feb 6 Donate outerwear that doesn't fit or is no longer becoming. This way, someone else can make use of it, rather than it gathering dust in your closet.

Feb 7 Broaden your horizons and visit a local store you've never been in before, such as a health food store, a gift shop or a boutique.

Feb 8 Make a double-portion meal for supper. Eat half tonight, and freeze the other half for next week.

Feb 9 Empty your purse of all trash and items you no longer use.

Feb 10 Behind on sending out thank you cards for a gift you received? Write at least one out today and mail it.

Feb 11 Buy or borrow a new book for your child, niece, grandchild, etc. Encourage the benefits of reading!

Feb 12 Complete at least 1 task on your To Do list, before you change out of your pajamas and get dressed today.

Feb 13 Do something heart-healthy, like making a low-fat meal, going for a walk or signing up for a nutrition class.

Feb 14 It's Valentine's Day. Take the day off from chores, and do something that warms your heart--or better yet, someone else's.

Feb 15 Dust off any dust that has settled on television, radio or electronics cords.

Feb 16 Empty out the Recycle Bin on your computer to rid it of unwanted files.

Feb 17 Delete all email messages that are cluttering your inbox--jokes, forwards, messages from companies you don't plan to buy from and any other messages you don't need.

Feb 18 Discard any food in your pantry that has been opened, but not eaten for months.

Feb 19 Honor President's Day by learning about a president you don't know much about. You can never be too young or too old for a quick history lesson.

Feb 20 Spend 15 minutes weeding out the thickest file folder(s) in your filing cabinet.

Feb 21 Today is Ash Wednesday. Whether you celebrate this observance or not, use today to reflect on and celebrate your beliefs and/or customs.

Feb 22 Organize all of your tools into a tool box that is sized appropriately for the number of tools you have. Otherwise, organize your tools on a pegboard so they're easily found when needed.

Feb 23 Bring your car to the car wash and get it cleaned.

Feb 24 Banish all clutter (magazines, bills, toys, etc.) from your kitchen table. You should be able to eat there, without having to clear it off each time.

Feb 25 Trade in your child's broken crayons for a fresh new box.

Feb 26 Dull knives in your kitchen? Sharpen your set, or consider investing in a better set. It's amazing how much time a good set of knives can save you in the kitchen when preparing meals.

Feb 27 Be nice to your feet. Give yourself a home pedicure, or get one done professionally. If you're experiencing foot pain, make an appointment to see a foot doctor.

Feb 28 Begin going through your spring wardrobe (yours and your family member's), getting rid of anything you don't plan to wear as the warmer weather approaches.

by Maria Gracia - Get Organized Now!

Thought of the Day - 1/28/07

Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts.
~~ Thomas Hughes ~~

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