Amber Alert

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Give me a camera and I'll create memories.
2. Whenever my children disobey me, it bothers me.
3. I wish I wasn't a single mother.
4. Pizza was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious (because I didn't have to make it).
5. To live in this world is a privilege.
6. 8 Things About Me is the last blog I commented on.
7. Tonight I'm looking forward to sleep, tomorrow my plans include cleaning, and Sunday, I want to scrapbook.

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Sing to Me Saturday

Don't Laugh at Me
by Mark Wills

I'm a little boy with glasses
The one they call the geek
A little girl who never smiles
'Cause I've got braces on my teeth
And I know how it feels
To cry myself to sleep

I'm that kid on every playground
Who's always chosen last
A single teenage mother
Tryin' to overcome my past
You don't have to be my friend
But is it too much to ask

Don't laugh at me
Don't call me names
Don't get your pleasure from my pain
In God's eyes we're all the same
Someday we'll all have perfect wings
Don't laugh at me

I'm the cripple on the corner
You've passed me on the street
And I wouldn't be out here beggin'
If I had enough to eat
And don't think I don't notice
That our eyes never meet

I lost my wife and little boy when
Someone cross that yellow line
The day we laid them in the ground
Is the day I lost my mind
And right now I'm down to holdin'
This little cardboard

Don't laugh at me
Don't call me names
Don't get your pleasure from my pain
In God's eyes we're all the same
Someday we'll all have perfect wings
Don't laugh at me

I'm fat, I'm thin, I'm short, I'm tall
I'm deaf, I'm blind, hey, aren't we all

Don't laugh at me
Don't call me names
Don't get your pleasure from my pain
In God's eyes we're all the same
Someday we'll all have perfect wings
Don't laugh at me

To see a touching video, check out You Tube.

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Thought of the Day - 2/21/09

We can do anything . . . yes, we can.
99% of everything we do depends on us believing we can.
~~ Susan Branch ~~

Aloha Friday #3

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is a day to take it easy and look forward to the weekend so Kailani at An Island Life thought that Fridays should be easy posting day too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at An Island Life. Don’t forget to visit the other participants . . . it’s a great way to make new bloggy friends.

This week's question:

What is your favorite way to relax?

My answer:
I love to take long hot bubble baths.
I love to read especially mysteries.
I love to take naps. Though, a single mother doesn't get to do that often.

Wordless Wednesday (or Friday) #24

Almost wordless . . .

Isn't this the sweetest valentine?!
I got this from my youngest, my daughter, age 7.

Thought of the Day - 2/20/09

I have a theory -- maybe not an original theory, but I have a theory . . . I think people are giving up too fast, too quickly. Yes, life is hard right now with wars, recession, etc. But our generation had it too easy, hadn't lived through a depression, so instead of fighting, many are folding their tents and quietly going away. When I told this to a friend of mine, she kind of stiffened her back, pondered this for a few minutes, then said, "We're not going to give up." When this is over, and it will be, I plan to be standing tall and have my flag still flying high.

I wish the same for all of you. Don't give up!

Around the 'Net - SparkPeople

If you're like me (and most other people) you've got some health or fitness goals that you'd like to achieve. That's why I wanted to tell you about the SparkAmerica Challenge over at

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My outlook on life and even my knowledge about health and fitness has improved.

Join SparkPeople for free today.

Earth Hour 2009

Turn Out. Take Action.
March 28, 2009
8:30 PM

On March 28, 2009 at 8:30 PM, local time, World Wildlife Fund is asking individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations around the world to turn off their lights for one hour -- Earth Hour -- to make a global statement of concern about climate change and to demonstrate their commitment to finding solutions. Turn out. Take action. Be part of this historic event.

Discover Energy You Didn't Know You Had

Blogoversary Winners

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, who commented, and who celebrated the blogoversary of the All Things Cherished blog.

Giveaway #1 - Reading Games Book
The winner is Valerie at Sweeps4Bloggers.

Giveaway #2 - A Little Bit of Faith Book
I have four books and there was/is four comments. The winners are Carla, Silver Hat Girl at Helping Mommies Win, Momma at I've Blogged About Your Giveaway, and Teresa at 8 Things About Me.

Giveaway #3 - IMom T-shirt
The winner is Wani at Wani's World.

Congratulations to all the winners! I hope you all will come back to visit my blog again.

Please email me -- see link at right sidebar -- your snail mail address if you won so I can mail your goodies to you. Thanks.

I am Loved . . . At least, I am Liked

I Am Loved

Maggie at Quixotically Chaotic was kind enough to review and blog about All Things Cherished as part of a new column called Learn, Love, and Link at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Thanks, Maggie, for the nice comments. Maggie and I have a lot in common -- fibromyalgia, having special needs children, and being a foster parent. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Thought of the Day - 2/18/09

Happiness is your mind
thinking through your heart.

Thought of the Day - 2/17/09

Tuesday Toot #8

Due to multiple hand & wrist surgeries in the beginning of January, getting my forest of Christmas trees and decorations put away was a much longer process than anticipated.

I have all (33) trees -- with the exception of 5 -- packed up, inventoried, and put away. What a relief!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember . . .
Love shared is love multiplied.

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