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If you're like me (and most other people) you've got some health or fitness goals that you'd like to achieve. That's why I wanted to tell you about the SparkAmerica Challenge over at

SparkPeople is a FREE website for people looking to improve their health and fitness levels.

SparkAmerica is a year-long fitness challenge designed to motivate Americans to improve their health by consistently taking small, positive action steps. The focus of this campaign is a 1 billion fitness minute challenge that makes fitness fun, keeps you motivated, and helps you reach your goals.

By Joining SparkPeople You Get:
- Calorie Counter & Meal Plans: Take the guesswork out of what to eat with these powerful customizable tools.
- Personalized Fitness Plan & Exercise Demos: Burn calories and tone your muscles with routines you can do at home or at the gym, plus online exercise videos.
- Active Support Message Boards: Get help from thousands of other people like you who are losing weight with SparkPeople.
- Advice From Our Experts: Our programs are designed by registered dieticians and personal trainers, who are also there to answer your questions.
- Member Created Goal Teams: Find others with similar goals and work towards success together.
- Recipes, Articles, Tips and More: Thousands of articles and over 60,000 recipes to learn more about eating right, staying active, and sticking to your program.

My outlook on life and even my knowledge about health and fitness has improved.

Join SparkPeople for free today.

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