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Freedom Isn't Free

We often hear this term: Freedom isn’t free.

But, what does that really mean and if Freedom isn’t free, then what is the cost and who pays it?

The cost is watching someone you love go away for a long period of time where there is little contact as they endure the rigors and hardships of training.

The cost is watching someone you love serve for pay that doesn’t always cover what it takes to live a standard of living most civilians enjoy and suffering a financial impact that can negatively alter a military family’s prosperity for a lifetime.

The cost is deployment to combat and the hardships of a soldier far from home while in a hostile place.

The cost is a loved one leaving whole but coming home less than whole, physically, mentally or both.

The cost is a a loved one who never returns from a mission and is never found.

The cost is having to take another’s life, even if they are the enemy, and living with that the rest of your life.

The cost is watching a close friend die, maybe even holding them in your arms, help less to save them and living a life of remembering that moment and feeling guilty that it wasn’t you who died instead of the close friend.

The cost is a family waiting and watching 24 / 7, hoping and praying as they watch daily newscasts about our military personnel dying.

The cost is a knock at the door no family wants but is a special privilege of sacrifice and if not borne by some, then who would bear it?

The cost is family trees altered for all time to come.

The cost is a lifetime of love.

Freedom isn’t free and the cost is high.

~~ Robert Stokely ~~

Thankful Thursday #9

This week I am thankful...

I am thankful I am able to volunteer at the children's school.

I am thankful that the annual AR Fun Fair is over.

I am thankful for the overall good health of my children.

I am thankful for the medication to help with my bipolar, fibromyalgia, polyneuropathy, and other health issues.

I am thankful for the wonderful surprises I have received this week.

Wordless Wednesday (or Thursday) #12

Works for Me Wednesday #4

How do you know if your baking powder is still good?

You can test the freshness of baking powder by simply adding two tablespoons of baking powder to a cup of hot water. If the water foams, the baking powder is still useable.

To get more useful tips on many different topics, check out Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer (

Family Minute #23

Show Them What They’re Worth

Would you take a million dollars for your children? How about ten million or 100 million? Of course, if given the choice between money and your child, you would choose your child. However, you may choose other things over your children without even thinking about it. Things like watching TV, sitting at your computer, or talking on the phone. When this happens often, it sends a message to the child that whatever you are doing is more important or worth more to you than they are.

Learn simple ways to demonstrate to your child how much they are worth to you.

Remember your family first.

Becoming a Spinster

I waited in line so I could add my name to the log so I could continue to do my advocacy work.

After asking my name and address, they asked the more personal questions that I am starting to dread.

Your marital status?
Single. I think since I have been divorced for over 10 years now that the statistical data shouldn't count as divorced but as single, especially since I am a single mother.

Your age?
40. I sigh a big sigh.

It's May and in two months, in July, I'll be 41. When does a woman become a spinster? Did I enter spinsterhood a decade ago when I hit thirty? Am I spinster now because I am forty? Or would the women's movement grant me a reprieve so I don't enter the old maid's category until I reach fifty or sixty? In some circles, I'm considered a spinster because I am single and don't date.

However, I have children... so does that change my status?

My mother isn't reticent about reminding me that my biological clock is ticking. I already have children and I have already had a hysterectomy so what exactly is ticking? And do I want my body to be ticking?

Why does the word spinster dredge up awful images and heartless thoughts?

spin-ster (spnstr)
1. A woman who has remained single beyond the conventional age for marrying.
2. A single woman.
3. An unmarried or single woman; used in legal proceedings as a title, or addition to the surname.
4. A woman of evil life and character.
5. An elderly unmarried woman.
6. Someone who spins (who twists fibers into threads).

At the time of this posting, I was happy to be a spinster; but after finding and reading the definitions above, I'm not so sure.

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