Amber Alert

Thought of the Day - 5/8/10

The passage of time brings the grace of experience, the wisdom of love, the anticipation of something wonderful, and the beauty of life's dream.  Celebrate every moment.
~~ Flavia ~~

Thought of the Day - 5/7/10

All men are animals,
some just make better pets.

Thought of the Day - 5/6/10

Friends are like apples...
They love to the core.

Thought of the Day - 5/5/10

Hold a true friend with both hands.
~~ African proverb ~~

Thought of the Day - 5/4/10

We are each of us angels with only one wing,
and we can only fly by embracing one another.
~~ Luciano de Crescenzo ~~

Thought of the Day - 5/3/10

Love is friendship set on fire.
~~ Jeremy Taylor ~~

Thought of the Day - 5/2/10

Friendship above all ties does bind the heart,
and faith in friendship is the noblest part.
~~ Lord Orrey ~~

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