Amber Alert

Thought of the Day - 7/31/10

Puzzled, my friend got up and looked in the basket.  There were many bottles of pills.  She read the dates and names of the pills on the bottles.  The date on some of the bottles was almost a year ago, but the bottles looked almost full. 

"I don't understand," she said.

"I have many bad days that bring me back crashing to earth.  What's a pill going to do about that!," I said.  "I'm afraid I'll take those pills and it won't get any better.  That nothing will change and what will I have to to look forward to then.  What will I hope for then?"

The haunted look on my face undid her.  I broke and she took me into her arms, cradling my head, and rocking me against her.

Thought of the Day - 7/30/10

Encouragement is so much easier when it is reciprocated.

Thought of the Day - 7/29/10

Images flashed, nothing I could help or stop, snatches of our romance, but it isn't the romantic part that I remembered most.  It was those homey moments, him fixing things around the house, me shaving his head, the way he has to eat so slowly, the way we both love pizza... I thought about how he was the only person in my life who didn't expect me to be the strong one all the time.  I thought about how safe I used to feel when I was in his arms.  I thought about how charming he is.

Thought of the Day - 7/28/10

I wonder if the problem is really his job or his guilt . . . or if we had unconsciously conspired together to keep a safe distance from a relationship that has all the potential to be lasting and real.

Thought of the Day - 7/27/10

Life is an adventure. It’s a wild ride through our 20s, 30s, and beyond. From the changing landscape of relationships to possibly marriage and motherhood; physical, financial, and emotional swings; to the lessons learned along the way, it’s generally not for the weak or wimpy, and definitely not for those traveling through life alone.

Thankfully, we have our girlfriends. From old friends who have known us for years, through relationships, hairstyles, and a variety of jeans sizes . . . to new friends we love connecting with, learning about/from, and with whom we enjoy watching our friendship grow.

Thought of the Day - 7/26/10

I am an impulsive, let-it-all-hang-out, emotional person.

Thought of the Day - 7/25/10

I am a mother!  That was the bottom line.  The mothering part of her was strong . . . so strong there is a tendency for it to squeeze out everything else.

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