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Thought of the Day - 1/30/10

Words and pictures can work togther to communicate more powerfully than either alone.
~~ William Allard ~~

Thought of the Day 1/29/10

Gratitude is good. The more you are thankful for, the more you will have to be thankful for. God responds to a grateful heart with joy.

Friday Fill-Ins #6

1. Wouldn't it be easy to just go back to bed and sleep.

2. My faith in God is better than ever!

3. I love the taste of chocolate.  I am a chocoholic.

4. The traditional Chritmas tree is in the living room.

5. The first thing we're going to do is pray.

6. Drop, drip, drip, drip; drop.

7. Tonight I'm looking forward to staying home (out of the frigid cold), tomorrow my plans include taking down more of the Christmas tree and decor and Sunday, I want to scrapbook.

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New Year Resolutions Or Not

Resolutions Vs. Goals


  • A written motion adopted by a deliberative body.
  • The ability to distinguish peaks in a mass spectrum.
  • The replacement of one longum with two brevia.
  • A rule of inference used for automated theorem proving.

New Year's Resolution
A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year's Day.

  • A goal or objective is a projected state of affairs that a person or a system plans or intends to achieve.
  • A personal or organizational desired end.
  • Point in some sort of assumed development.
  • Many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.
After reading the definitions of resolutions and goals, I prefer the word goal.  I can achieve a goal; not sure (using the definition above) that I can achieve a resolution.

1.  Do you make New Year's resolutions?
Not usually.  I know for myself I will most likely fail in trying to complete the resolutions. 

I like using the word goal . . . so if I fail to complete my goal it doesn't seem to be as hard of a failure.  The word goal -- to me -- is more positive, more attainable, more focused.

I do not set goals every year.  The main reason fo not setting new goals each year has to do with attitude.  If I am not in the "right" mind-set, I cannot try or attain a particular goal .

This year my list of goals is long.  With my renewed faith in God and myself and the support of wonderful friends, I know I can achieve these goals.
A.  Stop drinking Mt. Dew. -- Already accomplised!!!
B.  Stop social smoking.
C.  Pray every day.
D.  Spend more time reading the Bible and doing Bible study.
E.  Walk.
F.  Be a better parent.
G.  Maintain contact with family.
H.  Minimize the amount of pills needed daily.
I.  Enjoy life!

2.  How many resolutions do you make?
See above for answer.

3.  Do you keep them (the resolutions)?
Depends on what it is.

4.  If you break them, how long do they usually last?

5.  What are your New Year's resolutions are for 2010?
See answer for #1.

6.  Do you think you will keep your resolutions for 2010?
I sure hope so because my life and my children's lives will be better and more enriched if I do keep my goals.

I've added this post (because it's full of questions) to Aloha Friday.  Head on over to Kailani's blog and check out all the fun questions and answers.

What's Your True Passion

Your True Passion is Art

You feel most alive when you are creating or appreciating art. Art truly feeds your soul.

You love expressing yourself artistically, and it's likely that you dabble in many creative activities.

Even when you aren't channeling your inner artist, you enjoy brainstorming and collaborating with others.

You believe the world is what you make of it, and you want to make it as beautiful and interesting as possible.

Thought of the Day - 1/28/10

Life's most urgent question is:
What are you doing for others?
~~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ~~

Thought of the Day - 1/27/10

Peace begins with a smile.
~~ Mother Teresa ~~

Thought of the Day - 1/26/10

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.
~~ Seneca ~~

Computer Tips #15 - Erase Files Forever

This is one of those high value freebies that come by once in a while but not too often. Share this with your readers right away because it will expire January 31, 2010.  This is a software that truly and completely removes data that you want to delete.  When you delete documents, pictures, cookies, or your internet history, it is still there on your hard drive -- it is not completely gone. You don’t see it, the computer tells you it’s gone, but it is still there. That’s not good if you truly want that data erased permanently.  East-Tec Eraser can do that. They are giving away the 2009 version. We don’t always have to have the latest and greatest to get things done, right?  Especially when this software costs $49.95 regularly.

Find out how to get it here thanks to the guys at

Thought of the Day - 1/25/10

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.
~~ Benjamin Spock ~~

Thought of the Day - 1/24/10

Studies suggest that we decide how close a relationship we will have with a new acquaintance within the first ten minutes of meeting that person, and that in evaluating people, we weigh early information more heavily than information aquired later.  So, make a big effort to be openly friendly the first time you meet someone.

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