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Thought of the Day - 8/21/10

I am one of the most unhelpless, self-sufficient people I know. Ask any man who has ever loved me. I do not want to depend on anybody for anything. I was taught it was wrong to depend on others. I have always taken care of myself. I didn’t want to need anybody.

Now I need to learn to depend on others and ask for help.

Thought of the Day - 8/20/10

I know that being in love all by yourself is the loneliest, most painful experience.

Thought of the Day - 8/19/10

You’ve heard the phrase: You can’t be too rich or too thin. Why doesn’t anyone say: You can be too poor or too fat?

Thought of the Day - 8/18/10

The problems we encounter that no one else seems to understand -- God sees.
The pain we feel -- God sees.
The tasks we perform for which no one thanks us or pats us on the back -- God sees.

Thought of the Day - 8/17/10

We can choose to accept the things we cannt change and learn to act on the things we can change.  We gain self-respect when we decide to stop blaming others for our dilemmas and start taking responsibility for our own choices.

Thought of the Day - 8/15/10

If you can't sleep, don't count sheep. 
Talk to the Shepherd.

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