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When Is the Perfect Time?

When is the "perfect" time to DO something?

Are you waiting for the "perfect" time?Been there, done that - and yes - still DO that.

Perhaps we'll take our kids to the park "later."
Perhaps we'll go for an evening walk "later."
Perhaps we'll invite the new neighbors over to visit "later"
Perhaps we'll call up an old friend to say hello "later."
Perhaps we'll sort out the cabinet under the bathroom sink "later."
Perhaps we'll pay back that $20 we owe someone "later."
Perhaps we'll make that apology "later."
Perhaps we'll start tackling that credit card debt "later."
Perhaps we'll start saving money for the future "later."
Perhaps we'll quit smoking "later."
Perhaps we'll go on that vacation "later."
Perhaps we'll get that new hair style "later."
Perhaps we'll use up that gift certificate "later."
Perhaps we'll finish our Will "later."

But what happens when "later" comes when we least expect (or want) it.I had an eye-opening and sad event happen this week. Last Thursday, an individual left a message on my answering machine. Since they called after hours and it was the Easter long weekend, I did not return his call until Tuesday morning.

Imagine my shock when his wife informed me that her husband, the individual who'd left me the phone message, had died suddenly over the weekend. That was it. I never even had a chance to talk to him.

For him, "later" (his latest) arrived on Saturday. For his wife, "later" arrived before either of them was prepared or ready. She was understandably stressed, scared, and uncertain. No one knows when that final "later" is going to arrive. But we have it in OUR control to schedule those very important other "laters" in our lives.



3 cherished words:

Denise said...

This was awesome, bless you.

extraordinarymommy said...

Hi there!
This post touched me and made me sad. I am sorry you lost a friend. You are right...'later' is often too late. You have inspired me to limit my 'in a few minutes' and 'not right nows' with my children.
Thank you for visiting my blog!

Storm said...

Thanks, Denise and Danielle, for the kind words.

Danielle, you are very generous saying I am an inspiration. Good luck with your goals!

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