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The Ultimate Blog After Party - Blog Round Up

One of the things that 5 Minutes for Mom asked of the participants of The Ultimate Blog Party was to take the time to review some of the favorite or new blogs visited during the party.

After visiting over 350 blogs (and still blog hopping) -- 373 to be exact -- here is my ROUND UP OF FAVORITE BLOGS (in no particular order):

Extravagant Grace
This lady is down-to-Earth, compassionate, loves God, and is full of grace. This is a beautiful blog, literally, figuratively, and with a gracious, beautiful author. In her own words, "Extravagant Grace is about the business spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ while reaching women of all ages with God's message of extravagant grace, love, hope, forgiveness, and transformation."

Self Talk, Soul Talk
This blog is based on the awesome book that Jennifer Rothschild wrote. This is a place for those who have read the book to get more insight. Its a comforting place to wander through; so uplifting. The blog focuses on showing you that God should cultivate your soul, heart, and mind so you can be positive when you talk to yourself. No negativity here!

Girlfriendology and
Celebrate the special relationship yo have with your girlfriends. Be inspired and get some creative mojo. In their own words, "These sites focus on the inspiration, appreciation and celebration of girlfriends. It takes the creative side of girlfriends by offering crafty ideas for making and giving girlfriend gifts and greetings."

The Love List
"The Love List is a running list of daily discoveries in design, food, fashion, and living."

Some other blogs that I will be visiting again (in no particular order):

Scrapping Servant at
Charmed Life at
Just a Mom at
A Daily Dose of Debbie at
Heart of Wisdom at
Weary Parent at
The Mommy Project at

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storyteller said...

I must have overlooked this request for 'after Blog Party' feedback, but appreciate you list (as it contains some blogs I've not yet visited ... and, like you I'm continuing to visit new blogs as time permits). I'll consider posting a similar list at Small Reflections (and/or Sacred Ruminations) in the days and/or weeks to come. That list at 5 Minutes for Mom is a bit overwhelmingly intimidating at times ;--)

Happy Easter to you and yours!
Hugs and blessings,

natalie said...

thank you for stopping by after the party!!
i am with you...there were so many blogs to attend, i don't even know if i made them all!!

Ann Kroeker said...

What a fine and impressive goal of visiting everybody once! Wow! But that is, I'm sure, the hope and goal of the Blog Party--to get people to stop in and pay a visit. Thank you for stopping by my place. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Do stop in again sometime. (I just finished watching Masterpiece Theater's "Emma"--can you tell?)

Chief Family Officer said...

Wow, I'm so impressed you're visiting all of the blogs! Thanks for stopping by mine! :)

Simone said...

Actually a good idea to still to visit. Think I might just follow your example.

Storm said...

Thanks for all the kudos, ladies.

I keep a list of the numbers (from 5 Minutes for Mom) so I know who I visited.

Simone, that would be great if you joined me blog hopping.

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