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ABCs of Me - 2

A - Age: The Big 4-0!

B - Book(s) you enjoy: Mysteries and Christmas are the type of books I enjoy the most.

C - Can't live without: My family and friends, the Internet.

D - Dessert you'll spoil your dinner for: Anything chocolate. Yes, I'm a chocoholic!

E - Essential start to your day: Waking up.

F - Favorite genre of music: I don't have one favorite. I love Christian, Christmas, Country, 80s, oldies.

G - Greatest vacation you've taken: When my mother took me to Nashville, Tennessee, for my graduation from boot camp gift.

H - Hope you have for the future: To watch my children grow up and have children of their own.

I - Incredible sight you'll never forget: Looking into my children's eyes for the first time after their respective births.

J - Job title you currently hold: Educational Advocate and Consultant, Mom.

K - Kids in your family:
My siblings consist of 3 older brothers, 1 younger sister.

L - Last movie you watched:
I don't remember.

M - Month you love the most:
September because its Autumn and the children go back to school.

N - Newest piece of clothing you own:
A shirt bought for $6.99 at Kmart.

O - Opposed to:
Child abusers and molesters.

P - Phobia you wish you could conquer

Q - Quote you love:
"Today is a gift. That's why we call it the Present."

R - Right or left-handed:

S - Scent that reminds you of childhood:
No particular scent reminds me of childhood.

T - Time of day you love most:
8:30 PM because all the children are in bed.

U - Unique talent you possess:
Being organized.

V - Veggie you love:
I love corn on the cob.

W - Want to accomplish: Getting my Master's degree.

X - Extra fun hobby you have:

Y - Yummy food you make:
Cornflake Chicken.

Z - Zoo animal you are most like:
Platypus because I'm all mixed up constantly trying to multi-task and because I'm unique.

2 cherished words:

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Storm! Visiting every blog registered with the UPB is an amazing goal! You go, girl! Lovely posts on your blog here. Motherhood seems to flatter you. :-) Enjoy...

Storm said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Kelly.

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