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Sunday Scrappin' - My First

I like the idea behind the Sunday Scrappin' blog: a group of people, mainly scrapbookers (but it can be any crafters), who share their Ta Da's (the past week's goals they completed) and their Ta Do's (goals they want to complete in the coming week). I like that there's not a lot of pressure but some accountability; some support and no grumbling.

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How long could you keep on crafting without buying new supplies?

My answer:
Probably for a year if I was creative enough to use up my old supplies. Lol. I have lots of pattern paper, quite a bit of cardstock, as well as my fair share of embellishments. But I am in a creative rut. Sad, but true.

Ta Da's:

I didn't get any scrapping done this past week. There was so much housework to do since the previous several weeks were very chaotic with appointments.

  1. Many phone calls back and forth to various agencies have been completed to get services, therapy, testing, etc., for Renee.
  2. I got all the Christmas stuff down, packed up, organized, and mostly put away.
  3. Some of the Easter decorations have made an appearance. Its about time since Easter is a week from today.
Ta Do's:
  1. I hope to get some layouts done this week. I would be happy with 1 or 2 layouts at this point.
  2. I also want to get challenges, activities, etc., posted at my scrapbooking forum.
  3. I still need to do some Christmas inventory before getting all the boxes stored in the basement.
  4. I want to finish the Easter decorating.

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Chrissy said...

Welcome to Sunday Scrappin! SO glad you joined us. Can't wait to see some of your creations. Have a great week!


Earthmommy said...

Welcome to Sunday Scrappin! Can't wait to see some of your work! Being here will help you get out of your rut!

Alisha said...

Glad you could join us over at SS! Hope to see some of your creations soon.

Sniz said...

This is only my second week at SS. I really like gives me a chance to talk and share my craft with people who truly understand, you know? :-) Hope you continue to get organized and get your decorating done. I learned at church this morning that the last time Easter was this early was in 1913 and the next time will be in 2228. So it's still cold where I live. For some reason, that doesn't seem right...isn't Easter supposed to have green grass, flowers and sleevless dresses? No such luck here. Can't wait to see what you have to share next week!

Scrapbookmama said...

Welcome to S.S. I love it cause it really helps me to work on my goals I am excited to see what beautiful creations you come up with :)


Amy said...

Welcome to SS! You're right, there's no pressure, just a little friendly motivation and accountability... that's EXACTLY why I started SS, to motivate myself to get something done each week. Can't wait to see some of your work! :)

Christi said...

Welcome to Sunday Scrappin'! It has been awesome for me and really does help you keep your goals in view. Good luck with all of your goals! :)

Storm said...

Thanks to all of your for your encouragement and support.

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