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100 Things - My 100th Post

In honor of my 100th post, I completed another list of 100 things all about me.

  1. My name is DawnLyn, the English female version (Dawn) of my father’s name so I can say I am named after my father. His name was Donald.
  2. My first name when I was born was Dawn.
  3. My middle name when I was born was Lynne.
  4. My family has always called me Dawn Lynne.
  5. I hated explaining to teachers, doctors, friends, co-workers, etc., that they should call me Dawn Lynne. They couldn't understand that I preferred being called Dawn Lynne instead of Dawn.
  6. When I turned 18, I got my name legally changed on my birth certificate.
  7. My birth certificate now says my first name is DawnLyn.
  8. I prefer the spelling DawnLyn (one name) over Dawn Lynne (two names).
  9. In honor of my 30th birthday, I added the middle name of Storm.
  10. I am single.
  11. I am a mother.
  12. My oldest child, a boy, was given up for adoption.
  13. My oldest child is now 20 years old.
  14. I wish I could find my son and tell him that I loved/love him dearly.
  15. My youngest child was/is a twin.
  16. I lost the twin during my pregnancy.
  17. My "now" oldest son was planned down to the day I conceived him.
  18. I dislike most vegetables, especially turnips, radishes, spinach, onions, peppers, squash... need I go on?
  19. I was always embarrassed of my toes... I have webbed feet.
  20. Because I was embarrassed of my toes I didn't wear sandals until I as 35.
  21. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Psychology.
  22. The radio is always on in the car or in the house.
  23. I hate complete silence.
  24. I was once bald.
  25. Now I have long salt-n-pepper hair.
  26. Thanks to Clairol my hair is usually the dark brown (with auburn highlights) that used to be my natural hair.
  27. I've always wanted to have auburn hair.
  28. I get nervous talking in front of a group.
  29. I have spoken in front of large groups (Head Start conventions, classes, local politicians, etc.) many times.
  30. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan (both books and movies).
  31. I had a tattoo.
  32. I had the tattoo removed.
  33. My ears are pierced 3 times in both ears.
  34. The first ear piercing was a gift from Grandma when I was five years old.
  35. The second ear piercing was done at church camp when I was a tween using an ice cube, heated needle, and an orange.
  36. The third ear piercing was first done on just one ear because that was the cool look in the 80s.
  37. A few years later I got the other ear pierced for the third time so everything would be matched and even.
  38. I am very tickelish.
  39. I prefer big plastic hangers to the wire variety.
  40. I love getting snail mail.
  41. I will sign up for freebies just to get mail in the mailbox.
  42. Lilacs and daisies are my favorite flowers.
  43. I hate to sweat.
  44. I love my Mt. Dew.
  45. I drink 4-6 cans (12 oz.) Mt. Dews a day.
  46. My doctor told me to not stop drinking Mt Dew, though, I can cut back, because my body would go into shock.
  47. I have been drinking Mt Dew as my main drink for over 15 years.
  48. I love to read.
  49. I read a lot... magazines, books, blogs, brochures, manuals.
  50. Some of my closest friends (online friends) I have never met face-to-face.
  51. I also studied business in college.
  52. I also studied encryption and administration in the military.
  53. My first job didn't last more than one day.
  54. My first job was working in a dry cleaners.
  55. I am a Christmas fanatic.
  56. This past year I had over 30 trees in my home.
  57. Each tree had its own theme.
  58. I think my nose is too big.
  59. I think my belly is too big.
  60. I think my thighs are too big.
  61. I have three brothers.
  62. I have one sister.
  63. None of my grandparents are still alive.
  64. I don't really like to cook (since I have such picky children).
  65. I like doing dishes even less.
  66. I use paper plates a lot.
  67. I don't really like reality shows.
  68. I really like office supplies.
  69. I hate being late.
  70. I was taught by my father to always be 10-15 minutes early for any appointment.
  71. In all other ways, I'm a procrastinator. Why clean today if I clean it tomorrow?
  72. I love the color blue.
  73. My second favorite colors are red and purple.
  74. I am very organized.
  75. My friends make fun of me because I am so organized.
  76. When I was younger I could tell when my nosy brother was in my room because things would not be put back the "right" way.
  77. Even the trunk of my car is organized.
  78. I am not very good with names. I have a hard time matching the name with the face. I have to repeat the name in my head over and over.
  79. If my daughter had been a boy, his name would of been Noah.
  80. If her twin had survived and had been a boy, his name would of been Stephen.
  81. My daughter's middle name is the middle name of her twin. I switched middle names when my daughter was born.
  82. I wanted to give my daughter (and her twin) a name with the same initials as her big brother.
  83. Both children have the initials C. S. L.
  84. When I sneeze, I always sneeze twice.
  85. I am ambidextrous.
  86. I write with my right hand.
  87. I cut with scissors using my right hand.
  88. I cut with a knife using my left hand.
  89. I bat, shoot a gun, etc., with my left hand.
  90. I love all kinds of music. Check out My Playlist at the bottom of the blog to see my eclectic (Christmas, Christian, country, oldies, rock, 80s, etc.) mix.
  91. I believe in the power of prayer.
  92. I believe in God.
  93. I believe in the Holy Spirit.
  94. I believe in baptism.
  95. I am the owner of a Chihuahua named Champ.
  96. I decorate for most every holiday.
  97. I decorate a Christmas tree for every major holiday (Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Fall, and, of course, Christmas).
  98. I leave, at least, one Christmas tree up all year. This year one of the trees still decorated is the scrapbooking tree .
  99. My favorite past time (besides blogging) is reading.
  100. My second favorite past time is scrapbooking.

5 cherished words:

storyteller said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! I’ll return when time permits to finish reading your list of 100 Things. Am I reading this correctly … is there another list of 100 Things somewhere else? I’ll have to check those out too. I got to 100 posts on each of my blogs a while back and did ONE list of 100 things … adding a link from both blogs. I don’t think I could come up with 100 more without putting folks to sleep ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Jenna said...

Congrats on your 100th post! This is THE most interesting 100 list I have ever read!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Oh, can you come to my house an organize me? I am a hoarder from a long line of hoarders. I am working on it, but I need help. Wanna come over?

Preppy Mama said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. I love when people do a "things about me" post. I love learning about about everyone. Congrats on your 100th post.

Anonymous said...


I met you via the blog party. I'm up late working and decided to try to vist some blogs I enjoyed finding.

I love your 100 list and so many of the things are much like me.

Except I do like to clean and lately again, cook.

If you don't remember I'm also a single mom. My kids are 24, 22 and 6. My youngest is home schooled and has autism.

I'll be back to visit. I enjoy your blog.

I'm up working. I seem to be a night owl, I'm trying to change that!

Storm said...

Thanks for all the congratulations. Its hard to believe how quickly it was to get to 100 posts. :)

I love seeing posts like this and learning about others/blogs that I visit.

Yes, I have several 100 Things lists lurking about. :)

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