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Prayer of the Week - 11/11/12

I don't believe I've ever thought to thank you, God, for this wonderful friend.  I do thank you for creating her and letting her enrich my life this way.  Thank you for all the months we've known each other and the confidences and hope and troubles that we've shared.

Thank you for the understanding we bring to each other, for the patience we have with each other's faults, for the advice, and even the scoldings
 we are able to give each other without either of us taking offense.

Thank you for the help we have been to each other, in this way, and so many more.  Thank you that because of her I am a better, happier person and that she has grown as a person too because of me.

Thank you that she would give me anything in her power, time, money, work, possessions, encouragement, sympathy, whatever my need and that she knows I would be as quick to respond to whatever her needs might be.

Thank you that we can laugh together, cry together, rejoice together.  When we do come together it is always the same.

Lord, bless and keep her, this person you fashioned and filled with qualities that have meant so much to me.  Thank you, Lord, for my friend.

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