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SparkPeople Challenge

As you may know, I am an active member of the popular healthy-living website, In an effort to help SparkPeople live out their mission of helping millions of people reach their goals and live healthier lives, I have joined a contest they're holding called "The Spark Free Chapter Challenge." If you have one minute to spare, I could use your help, because I REALLY want to win!

So here's the deal with the challenge…

Chris Downie, SparkPeople's CEO and founder, recently published a book called "The Spark" that offers a proven new approach to improving your health, transforming your life and reaching your goals (for example, real people have lost over 10 million pounds using their free online program)!

People like me who are helping them "Spread The Spark" through The Spark Free Chapter Challenge are encouraging our friends and family to download a FREE chapter of "The Spark" book. And for every person I can encourage to download the chapter, I will get an additional chance to win a $500 weekend getaway and other prizes, as well as something they offer called "SparkPoints," which also help motivate me to reach my goals.

All you have to do to help is download a free chapter from The Spark book. Nothing else. To do so, simply go here and click the button to download your free chapter.

If you would be willing to help me with this, I would truly appreciate it, and I also think you will enjoy reading this free chapter from "The Spark". I know I did!

Thought of the Day - 1/23/10

Friendship is the act of supporting someone without condition or without thought for gain.

~~ Kathy Ireland ~~

Thought of the Day - 1/22/10

Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.
~~ Albert Schweitzer ~~

Thought of the Day - 1/21/10

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
~~ Author Unknown ~~

Thought of the Day - 1/20/10

Step forward.
Leave an impression.

~~ Emilie ~~

Thought of the Day - 1/19/10

Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.
~~ Walt Disney ~~

The Snowflake Test

You Are Unique Because You're Clever

Unlike most people, you are able to draw interesting connections and come up with amazing theories.

You are able to take in a lot of information at once. You can see patterns where others can't.

You are rare in your ability to think without boundaries or preconceptions. The whole world is open to you.

Like a snowflake, you are happy to contribute to something great. You like feeling that you matter a little.

Organizing Printables For Moms

Moms are the ultimate managers. They often manage everyone and everything in their homes, from planning the kids’ lunches to keeping track of the family’s money. It’s not always easy to keep things running smoothly. That’s why many moms need a little help now and then. If you find that you need something to help you organize, you may want to download these printables.

Thought of the Day - 1/18/10

Want New Friends?

8 Ways to Make Yourself More Likable

You can't actually make someone like you, but you can behave in ways that will make you more likable.

We all want to feel that other people enjoy being with us.  Having close relationships is one of the most meaningful elements to happiness.  It's not always easy to make friends, however.  To form a friendship, you must like someone -- and you must also be likable.

How can you boost the chances that someone will like you?  Here are eight stragegies to keep in mind -- not ways to manipulate people or to be fake -- but to make sure that your desire to be friendly effectively shines through:

  1. Smile.  Studies do show that the amount of time you smile during a conversation has a direct impact on how friendly you are perceived.  People mimic the expressions on the faces they see, so if you smile, you are more likely to be smiled at.  (Scientists have identified 19 types of smiles.)
  2. Be easily impressed, entertained, and interested.  Most people get more pleasure from wowing you with their humor and insight than from being wowed by your humor and insight.
  3. Have a friendly, open, and engaged demeaner.  Lean toward people, nod, say "Uh-huh," turn your body to face the other person's body.  Don't turn your body away, cross your arms, answer in monosyllables, or scan the room as the other person talks.
  4. Remember trait transfer.  In "trait transfer," whatever you say about other people influences how people see you.  If you describe a co-worker as brilliant and charismatic, your acquaintance will tend to associate you with those qualities.  Conversely, if you describe a co-worker as arrogant and obnoxious, thos traits will stick to you, so watch what you say.
  5. Laugh at yourself.  Showing vulnerability and a sense of humor makes you more likable and approachable.
  6. Radiate energy and good humor.  People catch the emotions of other people (called emotional contagion) and people prefer to catch an upbeat, energetic mood. 
  7. Show your liking for another person.  We're much more apt to like someone if we think that person likes us. 
  8. Remember the person's name.  Here are some tips for to help you remember.

Thought of the Day - 1/17/10

Laughter is America's most important export.
~~ Walt Disney ~~

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