Amber Alert

Thought of the Day - 6/19/10

The thought of him with another woman now, after what we’ve shared these past months, is very difficult to handle!

That realization hit me harder than any punch. He does not fit into the same category as the other men I have known. I am not going to be able to stay in the safe zone this time. When this was over I will be going down hard.

Thought of the Day - 6/18/10

I am saving myself. When it comes to feeling guilty about living or dealing with depression we can all hold out helping hands to each other, doctors can supply some very helpful medications, but in the end, each of us has to have the will to swim to shore on our own. No one can carry another person. Not for long, at any rate.

Thought of the Day - 6/17/10

The best tool in the world is worthless unless the man using it knows what he’s doing.

Thought of the Day - 6/16/10

There are not a lot of moments in life like this one. Moments such as this; when awareness and anticipation and the sheer thrill of being alive all come together in an intoxicating brew that made the heart sing and the pulse beat fast; such moments were to be savored and appreciated.

Thought of the Day - 6/15/10

The older you get, the more you understand that reality and fiction don’t have to match up. They are mirror images, not exact duplicates. They each have a place. Both are important. But they are not the same. A smart person doesn’t try to make one into the other.

Thought of the Day - 6/14/10

The thing about him is that I never had to worry about illusions or false reflections in a mirror. He is for real. And so is his love.

Thought of the Day - 6/13/10

In America a person of quality and class is not judged by aristocracy of birth but by his or her behavior.

~~ Fannie Flagg, Standing in the Rainbow ~~

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