Amber Alert

Thought of the Day - 6/26/10

We said we loved each other, didn’t that mean anything? At the very least, it should mean I-take-your-calls-even-when-I’m-pissed-at-you.

Thought of the Day - 6/25/10

My grandmother used to say that you have to let bad news sink into your bones. You absorb it, and all the losses and setbacks in your life become a part of who you are.

Thought of the Day - 6/24/10

Dolori sono muti (Italian).
Great griefs are mute.

Thought of the Day - 6/23/10

No one is forbidden unless he chooses to be forbidden.

Thought of the Day - 6/22/10

Sexual attraction produces a great deal of energy between two people. It charges the air around them.

Thought of the Day - 6/21/10

It is comforting, not to mention extremely reassuring, to have him nearby. There is something solid and substantial about him. I am reluctant to let him go when he leaves.

Thought of the Day - 6/20/10

They (whomever they are) say a good relationship should be founded on something more substantial than subtlety and romance because those qualities never last long.

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