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The Parents Affirmation of Imperfection

It is perfectly okay for me to be imperfect. This means that it's okay that I have already made a lot of mistakes as a parent and that it's okay that I will make other mistakes in the future. What's not okay is for me to pretend that I am perfect and to thereby hide my mistakes from myself. Instead, I will catch my mistakes with a smile rather than a kick and learn what they have to teach me. That way, I won't make the mistakes too often, and I'll become a better and better parent. But, I'll never be a perfect parent and that's okay, because my goal is excellence, not perfection.

100 More Things About Me

1. I have blue eyes and think my eyes are my best feature.

2. I have 3 holes pierced in each ear.

3. I pierced the second holes by myself using an ice cube to numb my ear. I was a young teenager attending church camp at the time.

4. My dad was my best friend and I miss him terribly (died in 1996).

5. I played the piano when I was a young child but couldn't practice since we had no piano at home.

6. I was born tone-deaf and pitch-deaf.

7. I turned 41 this year.

8. I love to speed when driving. When I was younger, I had many tickets to proof this.

9. I have to follow the arrows and lines painted in a parking lot.

10. I want to live in a state where there is no snow and no cold.

11. I drink 3-6+ cans of Mt. Dew every day.

12. I am a cancer survivor!

13. While going through chemotherapy my doctors recommended that I don't stop drinking the Mt. Dew.

14. I'm scared of dentists.

15. I have fibromyalgia.

16. I cannot work a "regular" 9 to 5 job due my health issues so I started my own businesses.

17. I am a scrapbook artist.

18. I'm just as likely to be driving down the road blasting classical music as I am rock or country. Even with the kids in the car.

19. Though, I played piano, I never really learned how to read music.

20. I am extra sensitive to temperatures. I cannot be too hot nor too cold.

21. I am not good at sports.

22. I have failed math classes since fourth grade.

23. I have several college degrees... a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

24. I'm a very organized person -- even the trunk of my car is organized.

25. I started an organizational business called "Get Organized Now."

26. I'm deathly afraid of spiders.

27. I'm an excellent speller.

28. I had ear reconstruction surgery in 2004.

29. I had a hysterectomy in 2005.

30. I love to make lists of things.

31. I am a single mother to two wonderful children.

32. I love quotes and collect them. I even have an album dedicated to just quotes.

33. Thunderstorms scare me.

34. I am a generous friend.

35. I hated high school.

36. I love freebies.

37. I hate cleaning/doing dishes.

38. I think it's wrong for a woman to use their married name after they have gotten a divorce.

39. I gave my children my last name.

40. This is one of my best decisions ever!

41. I really want a tattoo.

42. I think I am creative, but don't believe I am artistic.

43. I have won awards for my scrapbooking.

44. My favorite all time meal is my mother's roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, and shoepeg corn.

45. I don't like coffee.

46. I did drink coffee when I was in the Army.

47. I give great massages.

48. I am a Christmas fanatic!

49. In 2006, I had 22 Christmas trees up and decorated in our house.

50. I love my handwriting.

51. I have progressive polyneuropathy.

52. This happened due to lack of Vitamin B. (Take your vitamins, ladies!)

53. Now I have to get Vitamin B12 shots.

54. I gave a child up for adoption in 1987.

55. My daughter is a twin. I lost the twin in utero.

56. I go through cravings for weeks, months at a time.

57. Right now its egg salad. I'll eat it almost every day for several weeks. Then I won't want it for several months.

58. I've never been drunk or inebriated.

59. I'm really out-of-shape.

60. I'm looking for a motivational partner so we can encourage each other get into shape.

61. I have anxiety/panic attacks.

62. I have taught many different subject to many different audiences.

63. Topics include scrapbooking, mental health issues, child development, Christmas, advocating for your children, organizational tips, and more.

64. I am a "night owl."

65. I hate waking to an alarm clock in the morning.

66. I moved 8 times in a twelve month period in 1997-1998.

67. I was in the Army.

68. I am proud to be a United States citizen!!!

69. I hate the stigma that mental health issues can create.

70. I don't think I will get married again.

71. I still hope my "knight in shining armor" will "sweep me off my feet."

72. I am only 5 ft. tall.

73. I love to read.

74. I read every day before I go to sleep.

75. I am a Christian.

76. I sell Usborne (children's) Books and Memory Works (scrapbooking) products.

77. I can speak some German.

78. I love naps.

79. I have to wear a watch at all times.

80. I used to have very dark brown hair.

81. I used to be bald (due to chemotherapy).

82. My natural hair color is now gray/dark brown.

83. Now my hair color is dark auburn with brown. Thanks to the hair coloring box.

84. I want to write a novel.

85. I'm ambidextrous.

86. I write with my right hand.

87. I cut my meat, shoot a gun, play basketball, and more with my left hand.

88. My favorite seasons are fall and spring.

89. I love spring for the renewal and rebirth of everything, warmer weather, birds singing.

90. I love autumn due to the colors, the start of the holiday season, the aromas, the crunchy leaves on the ground.

91. I hate winter!

92. I am/was the author of a monthly newsletter titled The Connection.

93. I am/was the author of a monthly newsletter for my county, called Family Focus.

94. I used to be a big NASCAR fan.

95. I miss my Chihuahua, Champ.

96. I have a son who is diagnosed with Bipolar, PDD-NOS, Sensory Integration Disorder (now called Sensory Processing Disorder), ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder; as well as speech delays, gross-motor delay, and more.

97. My daughter is part African-American.

98. I hate the term "mulatto."

99. I hate wearing my glasses.

100. I have trouble wearing contacts since I had my children.

Gifts Every Child Needs for a Lifetime

Affirmation. Affirm your child daily whether it is a calm or stormy day.

Belief. Believe in your child and help him believe in his dreams.

Commitment. Stand by your child no matter what.

Discipline. Let your child face the natural consequences of his actions whenever possible.

Encouragement. Be your child's biggest fan and head cheerleader.

Faith. Instill your values and beliefs in your child. Help your child work through his doubts without judging.

Generosity. Teach your child to give of his time, money, and talent by example.

Happiness. Your child will be happiest when he knows his boundaries.

Imagination. Help your child learn to dream, create, and imagine.

Joy. Look for fun and joy in everyday things of life.

Kindness. Speak a kind word even in the midst of an argument. Soft words help diffuse a disagreement.

Laughter. It makes a heart merry and the day brighter. A sense of humor adds sanity to the childhood years.

Money. Provide an allowance and help your child learn to control his money.

Nurturing. Your child may have been out of diapers and able to read for many years, but he hasn't outgrown the need for nurturing.

Opportunities. Provide opportunities for your child to experience the arts, sports, employment, short-term missions, and so on. Help him develop a well-rounded lifestyle.

Praise. Keep it short and genuine and you'll win your child's heart.

Quietness. Help your child learn to slow down, relax, and be at peace.

Relaxation. Take time away for family fun.

Success. Give your child every opportunity to succeed. Assign household tasks that accent his strengths.

Time. Set aside time each day to listen to your child.

Understanding. Think back to how you felt as a child and how you wish your parents would have reacted in certain situations.

Value. Lay the groundwork for self-esteem by helping your child find and develop his strengths.

Warmth. Make your house a haven in the storm. Work toward peace.

eXpections. Children usually live up to our expectations --make them high but obtainable.

Youth. Your child might want to be grown up but help him enjoy being a child.

Zeal. You can never relive your child's early years.


"I need you."

We all need to hear those words and need to feel that we are needed. Don't be afraid to ask for help... you will feel better and the person helping will feel better too.

When someone needs help with something and they ask for help, I am so grateful. Aren't you?

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There are some great gift ideas and craft ideas over at 365 Days of Christmas.

Thought of the Day - 8/29/08

For in the final analysis,
our most basic common linkis that we all inhabit this small planet,
we all breathe the same air,
we all cherish our children's futures,
and we are all mortal.

~~ John F. Kennedy (1917-1963), Speech at The American University, Washington, DC, June 10, 1963 ~~

A Tribute to Our Flag

I am the flag of the United States of America.
My name is Old Glory.
I fly atop the world's tallest buildings.
I stand watch in America's halls of justice.
I fly majestically over institutions of learning.
I stand guard with power in the world. Look up and see me.
I stand for peace, honor, truth and justice.
I stand for freedom.
I am confident.
I am arrogant.
I am proud.
When I am flown with my fellow banners, My head is a little higher, My colors a little truer.
I bow to no one!
I am recognized all over the world.
I am worshipped.
I am saluted.
I am loved.
I am revered.
I am respected and I am feared.
I have fought in every battle of every war for more then 200 years.
I was flown at Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Shiloh and Appomattox.
I was there at San Juan Hill, the trenches of France, in the Argonne Forest, Anzio, Rome and the beaches of Normandy.
Guam, Okinawa, Korea and KheSan, Saigon, Vietnam know me.
I'm presently in the mountains of Afganistan and the hot and dusty deserts of Iraq and wherever freedom is needed.
I led my troops.
I was dirty, battleworn and tired, but my soldiers cheered me
and I was proud.
I have been burned, torn and trampled on the streets of countries I have helped set free.
It does not hurt for I am invincible.
I have been soiled upon, burned, torn
and trampled in the streets of my country.
And when it's done by those Whom I've served in battle - it hurts.
But I shall overcome - for I am strong.
I have slipped the bonds of Earth and stood watch over the uncharted frontiers of space from my vantage point on the moon.
I have borne silent witness to all of America's finest hours.
But my finest hours are yet to come.
When I am torn into strips and used as bandages for my wounded comrades on the battlefield,
When I am flown at half-mast to honor my soldier,
Or when I lie in the trembling arms of a grieving parent at the grave of their fallen son or daughter,
I am proud.

Go to to hear Elvis Presley sing "America, the Beautiful." As an American and as a veteran, this page created by Bob Thompson truly touches my heart.

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