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100 More Things About Me

1. I have blue eyes and think my eyes are my best feature.

2. I have 3 holes pierced in each ear.

3. I pierced the second holes by myself using an ice cube to numb my ear. I was a young teenager attending church camp at the time.

4. My dad was my best friend and I miss him terribly (died in 1996).

5. I played the piano when I was a young child but couldn't practice since we had no piano at home.

6. I was born tone-deaf and pitch-deaf.

7. I turned 41 this year.

8. I love to speed when driving. When I was younger, I had many tickets to proof this.

9. I have to follow the arrows and lines painted in a parking lot.

10. I want to live in a state where there is no snow and no cold.

11. I drink 3-6+ cans of Mt. Dew every day.

12. I am a cancer survivor!

13. While going through chemotherapy my doctors recommended that I don't stop drinking the Mt. Dew.

14. I'm scared of dentists.

15. I have fibromyalgia.

16. I cannot work a "regular" 9 to 5 job due my health issues so I started my own businesses.

17. I am a scrapbook artist.

18. I'm just as likely to be driving down the road blasting classical music as I am rock or country. Even with the kids in the car.

19. Though, I played piano, I never really learned how to read music.

20. I am extra sensitive to temperatures. I cannot be too hot nor too cold.

21. I am not good at sports.

22. I have failed math classes since fourth grade.

23. I have several college degrees... a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

24. I'm a very organized person -- even the trunk of my car is organized.

25. I started an organizational business called "Get Organized Now."

26. I'm deathly afraid of spiders.

27. I'm an excellent speller.

28. I had ear reconstruction surgery in 2004.

29. I had a hysterectomy in 2005.

30. I love to make lists of things.

31. I am a single mother to two wonderful children.

32. I love quotes and collect them. I even have an album dedicated to just quotes.

33. Thunderstorms scare me.

34. I am a generous friend.

35. I hated high school.

36. I love freebies.

37. I hate cleaning/doing dishes.

38. I think it's wrong for a woman to use their married name after they have gotten a divorce.

39. I gave my children my last name.

40. This is one of my best decisions ever!

41. I really want a tattoo.

42. I think I am creative, but don't believe I am artistic.

43. I have won awards for my scrapbooking.

44. My favorite all time meal is my mother's roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, and shoepeg corn.

45. I don't like coffee.

46. I did drink coffee when I was in the Army.

47. I give great massages.

48. I am a Christmas fanatic!

49. In 2006, I had 22 Christmas trees up and decorated in our house.

50. I love my handwriting.

51. I have progressive polyneuropathy.

52. This happened due to lack of Vitamin B. (Take your vitamins, ladies!)

53. Now I have to get Vitamin B12 shots.

54. I gave a child up for adoption in 1987.

55. My daughter is a twin. I lost the twin in utero.

56. I go through cravings for weeks, months at a time.

57. Right now its egg salad. I'll eat it almost every day for several weeks. Then I won't want it for several months.

58. I've never been drunk or inebriated.

59. I'm really out-of-shape.

60. I'm looking for a motivational partner so we can encourage each other get into shape.

61. I have anxiety/panic attacks.

62. I have taught many different subject to many different audiences.

63. Topics include scrapbooking, mental health issues, child development, Christmas, advocating for your children, organizational tips, and more.

64. I am a "night owl."

65. I hate waking to an alarm clock in the morning.

66. I moved 8 times in a twelve month period in 1997-1998.

67. I was in the Army.

68. I am proud to be a United States citizen!!!

69. I hate the stigma that mental health issues can create.

70. I don't think I will get married again.

71. I still hope my "knight in shining armor" will "sweep me off my feet."

72. I am only 5 ft. tall.

73. I love to read.

74. I read every day before I go to sleep.

75. I am a Christian.

76. I sell Usborne (children's) Books and Memory Works (scrapbooking) products.

77. I can speak some German.

78. I love naps.

79. I have to wear a watch at all times.

80. I used to have very dark brown hair.

81. I used to be bald (due to chemotherapy).

82. My natural hair color is now gray/dark brown.

83. Now my hair color is dark auburn with brown. Thanks to the hair coloring box.

84. I want to write a novel.

85. I'm ambidextrous.

86. I write with my right hand.

87. I cut my meat, shoot a gun, play basketball, and more with my left hand.

88. My favorite seasons are fall and spring.

89. I love spring for the renewal and rebirth of everything, warmer weather, birds singing.

90. I love autumn due to the colors, the start of the holiday season, the aromas, the crunchy leaves on the ground.

91. I hate winter!

92. I am/was the author of a monthly newsletter titled The Connection.

93. I am/was the author of a monthly newsletter for my county, called Family Focus.

94. I used to be a big NASCAR fan.

95. I miss my Chihuahua, Champ.

96. I have a son who is diagnosed with Bipolar, PDD-NOS, Sensory Integration Disorder (now called Sensory Processing Disorder), ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder; as well as speech delays, gross-motor delay, and more.

97. My daughter is part African-American.

98. I hate the term "mulatto."

99. I hate wearing my glasses.

100. I have trouble wearing contacts since I had my children.

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