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Gifts Every Child Needs for a Lifetime

Affirmation. Affirm your child daily whether it is a calm or stormy day.

Belief. Believe in your child and help him believe in his dreams.

Commitment. Stand by your child no matter what.

Discipline. Let your child face the natural consequences of his actions whenever possible.

Encouragement. Be your child's biggest fan and head cheerleader.

Faith. Instill your values and beliefs in your child. Help your child work through his doubts without judging.

Generosity. Teach your child to give of his time, money, and talent by example.

Happiness. Your child will be happiest when he knows his boundaries.

Imagination. Help your child learn to dream, create, and imagine.

Joy. Look for fun and joy in everyday things of life.

Kindness. Speak a kind word even in the midst of an argument. Soft words help diffuse a disagreement.

Laughter. It makes a heart merry and the day brighter. A sense of humor adds sanity to the childhood years.

Money. Provide an allowance and help your child learn to control his money.

Nurturing. Your child may have been out of diapers and able to read for many years, but he hasn't outgrown the need for nurturing.

Opportunities. Provide opportunities for your child to experience the arts, sports, employment, short-term missions, and so on. Help him develop a well-rounded lifestyle.

Praise. Keep it short and genuine and you'll win your child's heart.

Quietness. Help your child learn to slow down, relax, and be at peace.

Relaxation. Take time away for family fun.

Success. Give your child every opportunity to succeed. Assign household tasks that accent his strengths.

Time. Set aside time each day to listen to your child.

Understanding. Think back to how you felt as a child and how you wish your parents would have reacted in certain situations.

Value. Lay the groundwork for self-esteem by helping your child find and develop his strengths.

Warmth. Make your house a haven in the storm. Work toward peace.

eXpections. Children usually live up to our expectations --make them high but obtainable.

Youth. Your child might want to be grown up but help him enjoy being a child.

Zeal. You can never relive your child's early years.

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