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Today I Am Thankful - 10/24/09

Today I am grateful for...

My friends:

  • Thank you, Alan, for showing up in the middle of the night so I could go take care of a sick and hurt friend.
  • Thank you, Mike, who despite your own life's tribulations and being six hours away still calls every day to check on the kids.
  • Thank you, Marcy, for starting a new adventure with me.
  • Thank you, Rick, for fixing my car despite the fact I didn't have enough money to pay the bill. (Yes, I will be making payments.)
  • Thank you, Teresa, for the support of my Christmas passion and helping host our annual Christmas Open House.

Make a BIG Difference!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Makes a BIG Difference

Teachers who were surveyed about children who are matched with a Big Brother, Big Sister, or Big Couple said:

  • 83% have improved their academic performance.
  • 66% have better self-confidence.
  • 32% are better able to make decisions.
  • 33% have better relationships with their peers.
  • 33% are better prepared for school.

Big Brothers Big Sisters' mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth and to assist them in becoming confident, competent, and caring individuals by providing committed volunteers.

Thought of the Day - 10/24/09

Too much credit is given to the end results. The true test is the struggle that takes place between the dream and the reality. That struggle is a thing called LIFE!

Gas Vouchers

I need your help.

Gas Vouchers Program

The cash earned from this program will benefit SOS/Save our SplashPark (local pool at Memorial Park, Butler, PA) and also help me get a more secure vehicle for my family.

This is an never-ending program at this time. Send your gas receipts to me. Email me at storm2c [at] zoominternet [dot] com for my address.

Duplicates of receipts can be used if you need the original receipt for personal or tax reasons. For security, you can black out the credit/debit card numbers (though the receipts only show the last four numbers).

Anyone in the United States can participate.

Ask family, friend, neighbors, and colleagues for their receipts too.

Receipts/vouchers are turned in on a monthly basis so please mail your gas receipts to me on a regular basis.

I will update you on our progress monthly.

Thank you for your help. The children of Broad Street Elementary School and the neighborhood children thank you.

Have You Ever Been Grumpy

Have you ever been grumpy for what seemed like no reason?

Well, there is probably a reason. It could be that someone triggered something inside of you or someone is mirroring a part of you that you have not accepted. It could simply be that you need to drink more water or you ate a food that your body did not digest properly.

When you feel grumpy for no reason, take a few minutes to do have some meditation time, i.e., One Minute Meditation, with the intention to get clarity. Because there probably is a reason. Before getting quiet, ask what is in the way of my being happy or what does my body need to feel better? Then do your meditation and let go. After doing the meditation, pay attention to what shows up in your life. It may show up now or later . . . be open.

Let me know what you notice.

Thought of the Day - 10/23/09

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
~~ Mahatma Gandhi ~~

Thought of the Day - 10/22/09

Family is everything to me. My children make me rich in that aspect.

Today I Am Thankful - 10/21/09

I am thankful today for...

  1. Lilly because of her perseverance and faith in God.
  2. Alan because of his humor, help around the house, and kindness.
  3. Marcy because of her acceptance of me, faults, quirks, and all.

Thought of the Day - 10/21/09

The ONLY difference between a good day & a bad day is your attitude.

(This is a hard one for me to remember.)

Thought of the Day - 10/20/09

Fear is a habit; so is self-pity, defeat, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, and resignation. You can stop all of these with two simple resolves: I can and I will!

Thought of the Day - 10/19/09

God determines who walks into your life. It's up to you whether or not you let them stay, let them walk away, or refuse to let them go.

Today I Am Thankful - 10/18/09

Today I am grateful for...

  1. Mt. Dew.
  2. The hugs I got from Joe.
  3. The late night conversations with Marcy, Teresa, Joe, Mike, and Bobby.

Thought of the Day - 10/18/09

The people that matter in life are the ones who, even after you've treated them like shit in the worst way possible, come back loving you without expectations.

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