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Gas Vouchers

I need your help.

Gas Vouchers Program

The cash earned from this program will benefit SOS/Save our SplashPark (local pool at Memorial Park, Butler, PA) and also help me get a more secure vehicle for my family.

This is an never-ending program at this time. Send your gas receipts to me. Email me at storm2c [at] zoominternet [dot] com for my address.

Duplicates of receipts can be used if you need the original receipt for personal or tax reasons. For security, you can black out the credit/debit card numbers (though the receipts only show the last four numbers).

Anyone in the United States can participate.

Ask family, friend, neighbors, and colleagues for their receipts too.

Receipts/vouchers are turned in on a monthly basis so please mail your gas receipts to me on a regular basis.

I will update you on our progress monthly.

Thank you for your help. The children of Broad Street Elementary School and the neighborhood children thank you.

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