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Happy Single Parent's Day

Did you know that today is Single Parent’s Day?

If you know a single parent, you may not realize the unending struggles they face. Maintaining a house, a career, and chauffeuring the kids to little league are hard enough when there are two parents sharing the work. But single parents do it all themselves. If only they had some relief in sight...

Well, you can give that relief -- treat their family to dinner, babysit so they can have time to themselves, fix their car, or mow their lawn. Your help will be appreciated and will let them know somebody cares.

Remember your family first.

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NuttyGal said...

From one single parent to another - Happy Singles Parents Day to you too :o) Thanks for stopping by my place too - glad you were the first to sign mr.linky (you are the only one still) lol I'm off on holiday but I look forward to reading more of your blog when I get back X

Storm said...

Thanks for the happy wishes for today, Nutty Gal.

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