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Family Minute #8

What’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do as a parent?

It’s allowing your teen to make a bad decision... a decision that might hurt. We all want to protect our children, and we need to protect them from things that might scar them for life. But from time to time, teens need to test their own judgment and, if they make the wrong choice, accept the consequences for their actions.

It’s better to let them spread their wings a bit while they’re still in the nest, than to experience a tragic fall when they have to fly solo later in life.

Remember your family first.

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We are THAT family said...

This post made my heart hurt. I could feel your pain in your words. I'm just learning natural consequences with my oldest -a second grader. And I can't believe how hard it is to watch them learn this. Chin up.

Storm said...

Thanks for sharing in my pain of motherhood. Lol. Consequences, good and bad, are part of childhood and parenting.

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