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Thought of the Day - 2/20/09

I have a theory -- maybe not an original theory, but I have a theory . . . I think people are giving up too fast, too quickly. Yes, life is hard right now with wars, recession, etc. But our generation had it too easy, hadn't lived through a depression, so instead of fighting, many are folding their tents and quietly going away. When I told this to a friend of mine, she kind of stiffened her back, pondered this for a few minutes, then said, "We're not going to give up." When this is over, and it will be, I plan to be standing tall and have my flag still flying high.

I wish the same for all of you. Don't give up!

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Lisa ~ TheScrapPrincess said...

This too shall with every challenge we face as individuals & as the American people. You're right - there is alot of resignation while things look mighty bleak to many of us. But we have to keep faith & keep the flag held high & keep praying for improvement in so many things; for us & for our children.
Hope you are doing well. I am still around, just busier than I thought I would be for the beginning of the year! I'm catching up on your blog now :)

Storm said...

Hi, Lisa. It's good to "see" you again. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. See you around the blogosphere.

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