Amber Alert

ABCs of Me

A -- Army; Altoona (PA); advocate
B -- blue eyes; blogs and blogging; bubble baths; bachelor degree
C -- children; Christmas; celebrations; chubby
D -- daughter; demanding; designer; disciplinarian
E -- email; exercise hater
F -- friend; freedom
G --generous; Girl Scout Leader
H -- hungry; horny; hormones; Harry Potter fan; Home Sweet Home
I -- intuition; independent; irises
J -- jewelry
K -- keeper of the keys; kiss; knowledgeable
L -- laughter; library; listener; lilacs
M -- mom; mystery; moody; music; motivator
N -- neat freak; Noah’s Ark collector
O -- organized
P -- photographer; “Princess of Quite a Lot;” platypus
Q -- “Queen of Everything;” quotes
R -- reader; RAKs
S -- sleep; scrapbooking; shopping; Storm; slippers; sensitive; sassy
T -- television (background noise); teacher
U -- unique
V -- volunteer
W -- www.
X -- (e)xtra short
Y -- yes
Z -- Zzzzz (love my naps)

This list is in preparation for my A2Z Challenge. View some of the pages in my A2Z album at

Won't you join me?

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