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Good Mail Defined

Good Mail /gʊd/ /meɪl/
adjective, noun, & verb
1. tangible generosity
2. thoughtfulness in action
3. delivery of happiness

Can be hand delivered (express good mail) or mailed via USPS, UPS, FedEx. or online delivery. It is the process of acting on a nice thought, reaching outside oneself, being thoughtful, generous, and kind. Guarantees a "natural high," smile, and slight giddiness in both the sender and the receiver.

It's best to start with one's own friends and family but is also great for blogging friends, neighbors, and people from church or community. It is a good idea to post items received on blog so as to delight the sender and to document it for your future self as a gratitude reminder and future pick-me-up on down days.

Carry note cards, stamps, a good pen, and addresses in your purse for use while waiting in doctor's offices, carpool pick-ups, and long red lights. It's amazing what you can accomplish in a very short amount of time.

Never let self-consciousness and insecurity keep you from sending something nice. Just ask yourself, "Would I be delighted to get this in the mail?" Then send it. You can't go wrong being thoughtful and you never know just how much someone needs to know they're being thought of.

Remember, anything that is NOT a bill or solicitation is good mail.

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