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Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic is two books in one. Mistletoe and Holly by Janet Daily and
Sweet Sea Spirit by Emilie Richards.

Mistletoe and Holly: "Christmas festivities were the furthest things from Leslie Stiles's mind when she left the city for her aunt's house in Vermont. Her plans were foiled. Her neighbor Tagg Williams ignited a spark in her with his contagious Christian enthusiasm. It was the season of giving and Christmas filled the air. Could Leslie resist the season... and her heart's desire?"

Sweet Sea Spirit: "Hanging upside down from a giant tree, free-spirited Sandy MacDonald met Tyler Hamilton, on of Georgia's most prominent attorneys. Tyler was from a world that demanded sophistication and elegance. If there was one things Sandy couldn't resist, it was a challenge... a challenge that seemed insurmountable until Christmas showed her the miracles of love."

I don't usually read romantic novels but I do love Christmas time so the title appealed to me. Yes, I was rooting for the romance and so happy when both couples finally got together.

Rating (1, lowest; 5, highest): 4

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