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Thursday Thirteen #2

13 Things I Say On A Daily Basis
  1. I love you. (To my two children.)
  2. Want a belly rub? (To Champ, my Chihuahua.)
  3. Is the computer working? (I NEED my computer/Internet time.)
  4. Sna-a-ap. (Someone, somewhere will say something they shouldn't.)
  5. Go potty. (To Champ.)
  6. Thank you, God, for another day. (After I wake in the morning.)
  7. Thank you, God, for getting me through another day. (As I lay my head down to sleep at night.)
  8. Did you take your pills? (My children are both on life-saving medication.)
  9. Is it hot in here? (Having hot flashes is not fun.)
  10. Turn it up. (I love my music loud.)
  11. Stop fighting... stop bickering... stop! (To my children as they get into fight #1xx.)
  12. Why me? (I ask myself each day as I experience another day as a single mother to two special needs kids, 1 gifted, 1 w/ mental health issues.)
  13. Hello. (As I answer the phone.)

8 cherished words:

Danica/Dream said...

These are great! I can relate!

Equal Goes It said...

They are great! 9 and 11 made me giggle out loud!


Cindy Swanson said...

This was a great idea for a list...I should try to think of some of the things I say on a daily basis!

Blessings on you as you soldier on as a single mom. I really admire you!

kay said...

I remember some of those days. You must be doing a great job--but remember to take care of yourself.

Alice Audrey said...

Just how long are hot flashes supposed to go on anyway? I keep thinking I'm too young for this.

maggie's mind said...

Very cool idea for a Thursday Thirteen - I haven't seen this one until now. It's funny how much like a broken record we sound on some phrases :) Happy TT!

Bubba said...

#6 and #7 are ABSOLUTELY daily for me as well.

Great list...happy TT!

Luanne said...

#12- Why not you?
God must know you are pretty awesome!

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