Amber Alert

Family Minute #36

Have you ever said or done something you regret?

We all make mistakes. We react in haste or we respond without thinking. And sometimes we wish we could go back and undo something we did or un-say something we said. But life doesn’t have a rewind button. So it’s important to weigh our actions and our words carefully, before we act... before we speak... before we injure or offend someone else.

A Proverb says ‘Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.’ Let’s remember that and live a life with fewer regrets.

Remember your family first.

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Randall said...

If you have no regrets in life you probably haven't lived. I am convinced that most people who say they have no regrets are lying or just have poor memories.

I am confident that your current situation will pass. Challenges make us grow. Many time's I've asked God if I could stop growing for just a little while, but things happen in His time, not ours.

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