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Thursday Thirteen #5

13 People I am Thankful For

In no particular order...

  1. For my son, Cameron, for his sweetness that reminds me that he can overcome all obstacles.
  2. For my daughter, Cassandra, for her sassiness that reminds me that she has a mind of her own and is very independent.
  3. For Jessica, a new friend, Cameron's former TSS, for her generosity and joy of life. She is a younger version of me... sassy and quirky and all.
  4. For Sandy, a long-time friend and confidante for being my cheerleader and advice giver.
  5. For Champ, my Chihuahua, who loves me no matter what.
  6. For Teresa, a long-time friend, for her help and support in so many aspects of my life and for the many things we have in common.
  7. For Phyllis, a new online friend, for her help and kindness and for the many things we have in common.
  8. For the WrapAround Team that provides services for my son.
  9. For the Big Brothers Big Sisters (program) of Butler County for providing fun and support for my daughter.
  10. For Art, for making me feel sexy even when I'm not.
  11. For Dave, for constantly checking on me and for mowing my grass.
  12. For the creator of the Internet, so I can sit here and write such a list.
  13. Most of all, for God, for everything he has given me.

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Joyce said...

I'm glad you are thankful to the Lord, and to the wonderful people He has brought into your life to bless you! Your thankfulness is a blessing to me. :)

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