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Absent . . .Yes? No?

I apologize for being absent here at All Things Cherished. What little time I do have lately has been spent at 365 Days of Christmas. Between my arthritis, fibromyalgia, the weather, Renee's (foster daughter) surgery, cleaning, and doctor appointments I have no energy to do anything. Cameron is now sick. My throat has been sore (and can barely talk) for several weeks. Ugh.

In the midst of all the chaos, I got my Christmas decorating done despite some major setbacks. Please join me at 365 Days of Christmas and Boomama to celebrate and ooh & ahh over all the wonderfully divine Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and nativities.

2 cherished words:

Joan said...

Thanks for stopping by. You Christmas blog is beautiful. Christmas is my favorite Holidays for so many reasons I wish it could be Christmas all year long!

Happy Holidays!

Storm said...

Thanks for stopping by, Joan.

Merry Christmas!

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