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Thursday Thirteen #8

13 Things I Do Not Like about Being a Single Mother:

  1. I do not like the empty feeling I get after the children are in bed.
  2. I do not like having to always be brave in front of my children (especially when I don't feel brave).
  3. I do not like having to play both the father and mother roles.
  4. I do not like having to fix things around the house (especially since I am in no way mechanically inclined).
  5. I do not like not being in any of the family photos (since I am the one taking the photos).
  6. I do not like having to do all the laundry, dishes, and cleaning around the house.
  7. I do not like having to rely only on myself. (It would be nice to have a break once in a while).
  8. I do not like having to kill spiders and other bugs (because deep down I am not brave. -- See #2).
  9. I do not like having to juggle three kids and homework time.
  10. I do not like being solely responsible for every decision. (It would be nice to have a "sounding" board/listening ear.)
  11. I do not like having to attend dozens of doctor appointments every month.
  12. I do not like fighting/arguing with my children.
  13. I do not like always being the referee.

8 cherished words:

colleen said...

I hope you find the perfect mate soon.

I grew up in Hull (Mass).

Anonymous said...

I feel for you! We often discuss how difficult it would be without the two of us to accomplish things. Doctor's appointments - ugh!

All Rileyed Up said...

I always think about tough I feel life is, but I always have my husband to at least be my partner in crime. I have nothing but respect for all the single moms out there - you work hard.

Anesthezea said...

That's an amazing and heartfelt T13. I am not a single mom, but my husband goes out of state 2 weeks out of every 4 for his job, so I am completely and totally responsible for everything while he's away - baby, cleaning, finances, the whole lot. I know it's not anything compared to what you must go through. Take care!

An Eerie Tapestry said...

My mother was also a single parent, so I found it interesting to read your list. Hope that there's way more things you actually like about being a mother, that help offset all your dislikes.

Eileen said...

Hi Storm,
I know what you mean about the photos! Get a tripod. Most Camera's have a timer you can set and hurry over and get in the picture! Just to let you, it does get better. Enjoy them now, they grow so fast and you will miss the juggling, fighting, arguing. Stay in today! You are not alone, God has a plan for you!

Cricket said...

This is a very touching Thursday 13; like another commenter mentioned, my mom was a single mother for quite a while, and even growing up I knew that it was all hard on her... *hugs* and sending you good thoughts... :)

Storm said...

I apologize for the negativity of my Thursday 13 list. I do love my children . . . just being a single mother with no emotional, financial, or physical support from the fathers or from my family is so hard.

Thank you for the kind words.

Next week I will share the 13 things I like about being a single mother.

Thank you all for stopping by and commenting.

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