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Works for Me Wednesday #18

Tech 911

Quick fixes to try before calling customer support or the repair shop.

Dropped Cell Phone in Water

If you act fast, your phone might not call it quits. Remove the battery and SIM card then wipe everything off. Use a vacuum to suck out the moisture, and let air-dry for a day or two (or more) before reassembling. Don't power up before then, or it could short out. It still may not work, but what do you have to lose -- other than a busted phone?

CD Stuck in Computer

For a PC, poke the end of a paper clip into the small hole on the CD/DVD drive to depress the internal button. Hold it in until the tray pops open. On a Mac, if dragging the disc icon to the trash icon doesn't do it, quit all applications and restart computer while holding down the mouse button while rebooting.

Spilled Drink on Keyboard

Turn the keyboard upside down and disconnect it. Let dry, at least, 24 to 48 hours before plugging it back in. A blow-dryer set on cool can help. Take a premoistened wipe to the surface.

DVR Didn't Tape Show

If you are certain the show was in your queue, it may have been recorded but deleted. Check the settings: The DVR may be saving only one episode, so the newest one overwrites what's stored. To catch what you missed, try the network's Website or a video site like Hulu.

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thank you

Teresa said...

Thanks for the tips.

Storm said...

You are welcome, Tami and Teresa. Thanks, ladies, for the kind words. I hope you never have to use these tips.

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