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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday #29

Last year I was lucky enough to win this personalized bracelet from Kristen at We Are THAT Family. The designer is Carrie from Poet Summer at

I was able to personalize the bracelet with the charms that fit my personality. Carrie was very sweet and patient as I asked for charms that had special meaning to me, such U.S. Army medallions, American symbols, pictures of my kids, Christmas icons, my last name, and so much more.

Thanks Kristen and Carrie!

4 cherished words:

Lindy said...

Lucky you!! That is so pretty. I never have any luck @ giveaways. Must have been your day! Happy WW!

blueviolet said...

It's just lovely! You're a lucky lady. I love that you could customize it. :)

Sheila said...

WOW, how lucky! It looks great!

Sara Bonds said...

How beautiful!!

Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

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