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Daily Living - 6/4/09

Over the last month, life at our house has become almost too overwhelming... again! Medications and behavior modifications are not working. Diagnoses of Renee have been altered with additional complications. There are days it seems too much.

As Renee continues to get worse in many areas of life, so is Cameron.

Renee continues to lie on average 50 times per day. She still refuses to use the toilet. She is 9 and it is a control issue. I had to give her two enemas today. Ewww! And lucky me -- what?! -- I get to do it again tomorrow.

Cameron has started to have regular temper tantrums again due to the stress Renee brings into the house. Major, explosive, out-of-control tantrums.

I wonder how I will manage this day or the next or the next. But I do, because my family is grounded in love... and I pray it cannot be broken. We depend on our faith.

But my love and faith are being tested. Tested, it seems, too much.

Yes, I know that God only gives us what we can handle... but am I truthfully handling it well??? I sincerely don't know.

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Days of Whine & Noses said...

I just gave you a One Lovely Blog Award! Go to my blog to check it out!

Storm said...

Thanks, Rhonda, for the honor and the award.

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