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Works for Me Wednesday #19

I do believe in recycling. One way to recycle is to reuse those plastic bags you get from discount stores, grocery stores, etc.

10 Ways to Reuse:

  1. Small trash can liner.
  2. Water balloon.
  3. Package padding when mailing gifts, etc.
  4. Lunch bag.
  5. For soggy laundry.
  6. Trash bag for the car.
  7. Doggy duty.
  8. Ice pack.
  9. Kitty litter liner.
  10. For shoes when packing for a trip.
To get more tips for the house, vacation, homeschooling, and more go to We Are THAT Family.

3 cherished words:

caroline said...

Lot's of great ideas!

I donate mine (when I get to the point where I can't possibly use them all) to my daughters' day care. They use them to send home soiled laundry, blankets and when there's an abundance of art work.

I also used to fold some up neatly and put them in my diaper bag, so I had a bag to contain the stink from a dirty diaper.

Anonymous said...

Sooo true. Reusing and recycling WFM!

Storm said...

Donating so others can reuse the bags is a great recycling idea, Caroline.

Thanks, ladies, for recycling with me.

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