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What is Your Mom Blogger Status

I’m curious. Has anyone else seen a trend in the SAME mom bloggers who are being handpicked for special events, conference panels, or incredible business opportunities? With the web overly saturated with so many fabulous mom bloggers, it seems that only a select few are being recognized over and over again. Why is this happening? This observation has me intrigued as to how one determines blogger status, and if that method is fair.

I am not a marketing or PR guru, so I do not know or understand the formula for figuring out one’s status or influence. Maybe it is calculated by Twitter followers or subscribers. Maybe it is based on years of experience, college degrees, or frankly, who you know. I personally have nothing against the “high status” mom bloggers, and I think it is awesome that they get to share in these experiences. My only qualm is why do companies and PR firms want to pick the same groups of bloggers? Would it not be more effective to target a completely different pool of mom bloggers, each time, who have not previously worked with companies A, B, & C, and who do not have current obligations with those companies? Would it not be smarter to tap into a new circle of bloggers that would soak up a special opportunity, and thus, put their heart into it more than, say, a blogger who has already been to 10 events that year?

I have no idea what my mom blogger status is, and I honestly don’t care. What I do care about is building positive, meaningful relationships, whether it be in friendship or business, and not worrying about what may follow monetarily.

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Momma Such said...

I honestly don't know how companies choose. I wish it was easy and there was some sort of code. I have no idea where I fall either.

Hit 40 said...

I think a lot of mom bloggers get their status by joining ad agencies such as blogher or blogspark. You need to pimp some products and write them up. Get a lot of followers and hits in a day. I would think at least 300 hits a day would give you a very good status to pull in some better ads.

TMWW said...

I do not have a clue either sweetie, although I am trying desperately to break through that glass ceiling. I think, in part, it IS all about who you know and who you're connected with. All we can do is just keep plugging away at what we do. Somebody is bound to notice us sooner or later!!

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