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Between Me and the River

Between Me and the River
Living Beyond Cancer: A Memoir
by Carrie Host

"I do have a future, and the picture of that future is made up of a multitude of tiny dots called 'right now.'"
~~ Carrie Host ~~

"Carrie knows that the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness takes a split second to change your life, as well as the lives f your partner, partners, children, and all who love you. Packed with inspiration, advice, comfort, and hope Between Me and the Rive is Carrie's candid and uplifting memoir of how she found the strength and fortitude to triumph over a rare form of cancer, and craft a new and meaningful life."

When I got this book I was really nervous because I have dealt with cancer personally. (I had cervical cancer. My father, my aunt, my grandmother, my godson, and more had cancer.) I was afraid I would cry throughout the whole book. Yes, there were times that I needed the Kleenex. There were many more times where I sat there nodding my head up and down, totally understanding and connecting with Carrie. The book is poignant and tender, honest and insightful.

This is a beautiful, compassionate story about a woman who is supported by friendships, love of family, and dedication of doctors. This powerful, thought-provoking book stays with you.

Excellent book!

Rating (1, lowest; 5 highest): 5+

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