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Giving Back

God Bless This Home

God calls us to be generous givers . . . not only with our money but also with
our time and talents.
Karla has wanted to use her talents to promote a few charities over the years and now she is.

The house was painted as a blessing for those of us who do have home in order to bless those who don't.

I am honored to announce that from now until December 1st, 100% of the profits from the sales of this print will go directly to Open House Ministries.

Open House Ministries Logo

Their program focuses on equipping homeless families with life skills and foundational tools to help them regain healthy, independent lives. For more information on this special ministry, go to Open House Ministries.

(The print is designed to be personalized with your last name
hand-lettered above the front door or you could choose to have it personalized for a friend or family member as a housewarming, wedding, or Christmas gift... a gift that keeps on giving.)

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