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Mommy Don't Drink

I have some unfortunate news, I lost a close friend today. We have been through a lot and we have had some good times and some bad times. I am sure we could have had many more good times, but my friend and I just aren’t good for each other. My friend's name is Mt. Dew. Yes, I am an ex now. I know Mt. Dew is bad for you with all the caffeine, sugar, and preservatives. Now it is getting expensive, but it tastes so darn good. The cold, the flavor, mmmmm, the first taste out of the can is so fantastic. The flavor goes with any meal, any snack, and its good all by itself. It gets me through the day, especially the tense, hectic, stressful days. Mt. Dew is enjoyable to have around but it is regrettable that he gives you things like high blood pressure, diabetes, tooth decay, and heart problems.

In the end it is probably good that Mt. Dew and I are no longer friends, but I am going to sorely miss him. Now I am an ex Mt. Dew drinker who wishes she was still a Mt. Dew drinker.

I am human and I have a rational side (sometimes) and my rational side will prevail (I hope). I know down the road I will be happy with this decision. I'll lose weight. I'll feel better physically and emotionally. I can stand proud and say, "I am an ex Mt. Dew drinker."

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Annette Piper said...

The first few days will be hard, but you will soon lose the insistent craving. Hang in there!

Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

I hear you! I just can't dump my BFF Cherry Coke, equally as delicious and sinister as Mt. Dew.

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