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Parties With a Purpose

The Giving Book shows children the power of their actions and encourages them to help others and make the world a better place. The Hero Book helps children discover the traits they admire in their role models and to celebrate the hero within themselves. The Autism Acceptance Book and its sequel, The Special Needs Acceptance Book, help children better understand and accept people who may seem different or behave in unfamiliar ways. The Healing Book helps children and families deal with the loss of a loved one by expressing their feelings and capturing their memories. The Greening Book inspires children to build a friendship with the earth so that they may appreciate its gifts, learn about its needs, and protect its treasures. The Healthy Body Book engages children in a journey that will help them learn about, and appreciate, their bodies as it inspires them to make healthy choices and form healthy habits.

So, whether it's for your child or the child of a friend, neighbor, colleague, or client, books are gifts that children will value and parents will appreciate.

Parties with Purpose
Planning a birthday party, a rainy-day get together, an activity for a group of children that you would like to be memorable, fun and inspiring? We developed “Parties with Purpose” Guides that can help you plan fun, themed parties while utilizing our books in a group setting. You can download these FREE guides in PDF format by choosing one of the options below:

The Giving Book “Parties with Purpose” Guide (240 KB PDF)
The Hero Book “Parties with Purpose” Guide (264 KB PDF)
The Greening Book “Parties with Purpose” Guide(322 KB PDF)
The Healthy Body Book “Parties with Purpose” Guide(518 KB PDF)

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