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Is Your Child Safe at School?

Bullying in school is on the rise. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that one in four students is bullied by another student or group of students. Bullying can take many forms: from malicious teasing, name-calling, making threats, spreading rumors, sending nasty notes or text messages, to pushing, shoving, and fighting.

If your child is a victim, join forces with his teacher, school administrators, and other parents to raise awareness and put at stop to the abuse. Talk to your child about what’s happening, how he feels about it, and let him know you’re in his corner.

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I CAN Do It said...

This is sadly one of the many reasons I now homeschool. My daughter was in the public school system until the end of her 7th grade year. If bullying is a part of socialism, I'd rather she be a lone homeschooler. We've actually found it easier for her to make friends now that she isn't in the public school system. Not that it isn't important. There are many kids, like my son, who thrived in it. But I think she learned enough about bullying to last her a lifetime. I'd rather concentrate on her education now and her friends who do NOT bully.

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