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Thought of the Day - 8/22/10

Sometimes I feel as if everybody else has come into the world with a set of instructions about how to live and someone had forgotten to give them to me. Sometimes I have no clue what I am supposed to feel, so much of the time I fake at being a human being, with no idea how other people feel. What is it like to really love someone? What is it like to really fit in or belong somewhere? I learned at an early age to give the impression of a normal, happy girl, but inside I have always felt lonely.

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Trish said...

When you find the instructions, let me know and we can read them together! I can so relate to this.

Melody said...

The elusive instruction booklet. It's really one has it. BTW, I completely understand the 'give the impression of a normal, happy girl..." {hug}

I LOVE "the attitude of your heart" posted in your sidebar.

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