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Don't Lose Your Temper

Humans have many emotions. Anger is one of them. It is a completely normal human behavior. When you repeatedly lose your temper it affects your relationships.  If you continually lose your temper, then it becomes necessary to control it.

Problems That Arise When Constantly Losing Your Temper

  • Anger makes you unhappy.
  • The relationships with others is strained, sometimes damaged.
  • Anger leads to more stress.
  • You make more mistakes when you are angry because anger makes it harder to process information.
 Tips to Control Anger

(1.) Remove yourself, if possible, by walking away.

(2.) Give yourself time by reciting the alphabet or singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (in your head) before reacting.

(3.) Stop doing what you were doing.  Change seats, walk around, do a little stretching, think of something happy, etc.

(4.) Do some physically exerting activity, like walking, swimming, etc.

(5.) Soothe yourself by listening to your favorite music, breathing deeply, or doing yoga.

(6.) Distract yourself by reading a book of your choice or pray.

(7.) Defuse the anger by using humor.

(8.) Think carefully before you say anything.  It is better not say any anything than to say something regretful.

(9.) Pacify yourself by having your children or pets nearby.  Both are known to soothe.

(10.) Avoid placing blame.

(11.) Avoid holding a grudge.  Forgive the other person.  It is unrealistic to expect everyone to behave exactly as you want.

(12.) Avoid revenge.  It causes negative energy and more problems, possibly legally.

(13.) Most of all, forgive yourself by having a piece of chocolate or talking to a friend.

Try your best to control your anger so you can have healthy relationships with everyone.

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