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Family Minute #12

Have you offended your child?

Do you realize when you’ve hurt your child emotionally? Some children wear their hurt on their faces; others hide it in their hearts. Over his years of counseling, Dr. Gary Smalley has heard from many children about the suffering they experience when their parents’ words or actions cause them emotional pain.

What has offended these children? Here’s a sampling: "Seeing my parents spend a lot of money on their pleasures, but when I want something, they don't seem to have the money," "Needing my parents, but they are glued to the television," "Getting my hopes up to do something as a family and then not following through," and when a child is able to sense "a difference between what is said with the mouth and what is said through facial expression." Children have a way of getting to the heart of a matter, don’t they?

Remember your family first.

3 cherished words:

Alene said...

Thank you for the reminder. Goodness - our children see right through us, don't they? Most adults can see through us too. Blessings.

Nydia said...

I quote Alene, Storm. At home we are so careful not to hurt Lucas. Sometimes, of course, we do without wanting, but for different reasons. When I have migraines, for instance, I just can't play with him, and it's so upsetting when it happens during the weekend, because I know how he longs to be with me, since I'm a work outside mom. But we never make him feel unloved, or less important. I believe we're doing a good job by giving limits without being harsh. I see you are just the same. That's really a blessing.

Storm said...

Children sense/know more than we, as adults, usually give them credit for.

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