Amber Alert

Thursday Thirteen #4

13 Unusual Things About Me
  1. I have webbed toes.
  2. When I am tired &/or sick I suck my thumb.
  3. I often feel lonely even when there are others in the room.
  4. I read every night before I go to sleep.
  5. I am a Christmas fanatic... the last two years I had over 30 fully decorated trees.
  6. I am ambidextrous.
  7. I am a single mother.
  8. I suffer from chronic pain... fibromyalgia, polyneuropathy, and more.
  9. I love snail mail... who doesn't love an unexpected card or RAK?
  10. I hate thunderstorms.
  11. I often crave salt.
  12. I often crave chocolate.
  13. I know I am an unusual person but God made me this way so I must be all right.

1 cherished words:

Eaton Bennett said...

I love TT meme's, especially the ones
with the writer's story in them. Society would have us believe we must
be 'normal', but what is normal? God made us all individually, that is good enough for me too. :)

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