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Works for Me Wednesday #7

I'm a very organized person and heavily depend on calendars.

Many of us love the switch to paperless offices so I will share several online calendars that allow you to maintain an ultra-organized system.

My Favorite Calendar Picks:

Famundo for Families -
WhichTime -
Google Calendar -
Universal Calendar -

All four online version offer many amenities, such as customizable family home page and sizes to fit your screen.

Tips for Using Online Calendars:

  • Set the calendar to alert you to upcoming events.
  • Look for repeat features that let you input the data only once.
  • Opt for a calendar with comprehensive holiday listings -- from Groundhog Day to Grandparents Day -- so you won't have to type them in yourself.
  • Opt for a calendar that can send text message reminders &/or email reminders.
  • Opt for a calendar that other family members can have access to so they can compare and add events.

For more great tips and ideas, head on over to Rocks in My Dryer.

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