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Works for Me Wednesday #8

I love aromatherapy, the smells of the different seasons... the smell of crisp green apples in summer, the smell of falling leaves in autumn, the smell of gingerbread at Christmas, the smell of fresh dirt in spring. Some aromas calm and sooth me, other aromas energize me. There are candles and potpourri in various rooms throughout the house.

The best thing I have found to keep the aromas fresh and long-lasting is placing drops of fragrance -- aromatherapy oils, massage oils, perfume, room deodorizers linen sprays, etc. -- on the light bulbs. Spray or place a few drops of your favorite fragrance on any light bulb in any room to create a light scent when the light is turned on.

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jskell911 said...

I use a light ring, but basically same concept (except yours is FREE, so better!). I love it!

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