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Thursday Thirteen #7

13 Things I Do Every Day
  1. Thank God for another day.
  2. Make breakfast for my children.
  3. Help my children make their beds.
  4. Encourage my children to do their bathroom routines.
  5. Make my bed.
  6. At least, one household chore such as vacuuming, laundry, scrubbing floors, etc.
  7. At least, write one blog entry for one of my blogs.
  8. Read my emails.
  9. Go blog hopping &/or Internet surfing.
  10. Make dinner.
  11. Cuddle with my children.
  12. Read.
  13. Thank God that I survived another day.

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3 cherished words:

Starrlight said...

Happy TT!

Bellezza said...

It would be hard for me to write a post every single day. I like all the things that you do for and with your children; and especially thanking God.

Denise Patrick said...

Wonderful!! I was a slacker Mom and never made my kids make their beds, so they never do it now. I suppose one of these days, they might when they get their own place. I, too, thank God for each and every day - and the people I interact with on those days. You never know when one of them needs God's touch.

Happy TT!

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